A sporty man on a beach doing a cladding.

your coach

"His knowledge in injury prevention is just crazy."

Konstantine Rudhard | ITF Pro circuit

A sporty man stretching his quads on a bridge by the beach.

Matt train's values

If you were offered the house of your dreams, with almost non-existent foundations, would you take the risk of it collapsing? Or would you choose another option?

I am here to show you the other option, to teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of classical coaching that focuses on results by forgetting the most essential part.

Matt Train's values are simple: make you aware of the risk of injuries related to your training, allow you to take care of your body while performing well.


Your trainer

A sporty man who trains with wave ropes at the water's edge.

"His advice and experience in injury management helped me to get up and come out of this injury stronger."

Audrey Dabomve | Circuit ITF

A sportsman who jumps over a wall.

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