Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to consult this FAQ if you still have any doubts or questions about the online personal training.

Online personal training

Of course, whatever changes in availability you may encounter during our collaboration, I will adapt the training to your needs.

Motivating you is part of my job. Whenever you need me, I am available for you, I make sure I know regularly how your training is going, I monitor your nutrition to correct you and keep you on track at all times. We will also be able to set up on the application of challenges and objectives to motivate you on a daily basis. I won't let you down!

I'm available every day, but obviously I have to sleep like everyone else. If you are localized in an hour time diference country, depending on the hour of your messages I may answer you with some hours late. In any case, I will be as reactive as possible so that your follow-up stay qualitative.

The website is available in English, French and very soon in Spanish. The apps are also available in these 3 languages. And good news for you, I speak French, English and Spanish. If you speak one of these 3 languages, I can coach you without any problem!


Yes, I will manage your programs according to your level. I will teach you everything you need to achieve your goals and train safely.

Yes, as you may have read, I have experience as a strength and conditioning coach for professional tennis players. The Matt Train program is completely tailor-made. Therefore, I can adapt to your sport and accompany you in your conditioning.

I'm available for you every day, whatever your problem is. You can contact me through WhatsApp or on the application and I will take care of your problem. If there are exercises that need to be modified, I will ask you for more information by checking if the movement is still well executed and then I will update your program.

No worries! If you come out of injury, I will design a specific program to allow you to train in the best possible way.


Don't worry, my goal is to change your life in the long term, both physically, by avoiding injury, and nutritionally. This is why I want to teach you how to feed yourself independently. Whatever your level, you will be able to know the basics and techniques to allow you to eat in the right way to reach any goal.

There are 2 Ebooks, a weight loss recipes Ebook and a muscle building recipes Ebook. Depending on your goal, I will offer you one or the other and I will explain how to adapt it to your profile. Each Ebook contains 40 delicious recipes (10 breakfasts, 25 dishes and 5 snacks) to make you want to cook. 30 recipes can be made in less than 30 minutes.