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"I've been able to work with Matthieu for quite a while and I can only say good things about him. He's a great strength coach and personal trainer and I respect him a lot."

The professional tennis player Inigo Cervantes volleying during a tennis match at Wimbledon...

Best world ranking n°56 ATP

"Matthieu is a great professional in the sports world, he helped me a lot for a while in my tennis career. He loves his job and always gives his best at all times! “

The professional tennis player Javi Barranco Cosano playing a tennis match on a clay court.

Best world ranking n°273 ATP

"Matthieu is a very good strength and conditionning coach, when he worked with me I felt he was very focused on every movement and exercise I was doing and he never let me lose focus. He knows how to teach you the right techniques and is always very organized in the gym! “

Professional tennis player Emilio Nava who just won a point during a tennis match at the Australian Open.

World Junior No. 5. US Open and Australian Open Junior finalist 2019. NO. 390 ATP

"I had the opportunity to work with Matthieu in Juan Carlos Ferrero's academy, I learned a lot from him, he is a very complete and dedicated professional who has valuable knowledge for those who want to improve their physical condition and wellness. I'm grateful for the time we've spent together, I'll give him 10/10 ."

Professional tennis player Jordan Correia training on a tennis court.

Best world ranking n°399 ATP

"Hi everyone, I'm Raul Brancaccio, a professional tennis player, and I wanted to say that I met Matthieu at the Ferrer Tennis Academy in Javea (Alicante). On several occasions he has been able to train me and help me in my work, and he is sincerely a serious, hard-working person who loves to learn. He knows what he wants and has a clear vision of his future. Also, it is not easy to have the chance to work in such a prestigious tennis academy as the Ferrer Academy. He has been able to collaborate and work with great coaches and tennis players which was an amazing experience for him. I hope if you see this website, you'll want to collaborate and work with him because you'll be able to enjoy all the efforts and sacrifices he made. So don't hesitate to get trained by him. Good luck! “

The professional tennis player Raul Brancaccio who just won a point during a tennis match...

Best world ranking n°270 ATP.

"I was trained by Matthew in Javea in Spain in the year 2019. I arrived in Javea with a serious shoulder injury. I couldn't play tennis for more than an hour a day at full strength because of weaknesses, destabilization of the rotator cuff and a bad position of the shoulder!

But then finally, I got the King of Training. The training programs Matthew gave me were just amazing, we killed every exercises together and his knowledge about injury prevention is just crazy.

He is the kind of personal trainer you want to meet at your young age because you can trust him 100% to become the next Nadal physically! Thanks for all your advice bro! You're amazing.“

The professional tennis player Konstantine Rudhard training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"I was only able to work with Matthieu for several weeks in Juan Carlos Ferrero's academy, but Matthieu helped me a lot. You can see that he is very dedicated to motivating his students and always tries to get the best out of them. He's also a strength and conditioning coach who always wants to learn new things and improve personally."

Professional tennis player Lara Panfilov training on a tennis court.

Best world ranking n°1156 WTA

"Matthieu trained me physically for tennis for a while and he is a very professional person, who is always careful to make sure that your training is well done, with good technique and exercises that are very well adapted to the sport you practice. You can easily see that he loves what his job!"

Professional tennis player Zakhar Trapeznikov training on a tennis court.

Best world ranking n°1262 ATP

"Matthieu was my strength coach and accompanied me for a year from 2018 to 2019. I particularly appreciated his coaching skills thanks to his excellent knowledge of tennis and his pedagogy. But beyond these skills, Matthieu has above all shown great patience and support in helping me deal with a long injury, he was able to give me back my motivation and his advice and experience in injury management helped me to get up and come out of this injury stronger and in perfect physical and mental condition. I cannot recommend Matthieu enough for his
professionalism and skills as a trainer."

Professional tennis player Audrey Dabomve training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"I had the opportunity to be trained by Matthew as a strength and conditioning coach for several weeks and it was amazing weeks.

For any problems I may have had on how to work certain parts of my body, Matthieu was always there to teach me how to perform the exercises and there were always very positive results.

He's a great trainer with a lot of knowledge to develop your abilities to the top."

Professional tennis player Diego Ortega training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"My experience with Matthew was incredible, I'm a professional tennis player and he was my trainer. He is a very professional person in his work and he has an impressive knowledge of nutrition, strength and conditioning and recovery. Matthieu knows how to adapt to the athlete and work on exactly the most important points to improve his performance, whatever the field or sport".

Professional tennis player Ayman Azarioh training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthieu is a very good fitness coach and a super nice person, he has helped me improving my fitness, such as  my endurance, agility and has helped me a lot in injury prevention. By seeing him I have a lot of motivation off and on the court. He makes people want to go further and further. He helped me to push my limits when I was lost. And I love to teach him Hindi words."

Professional tennis player Chinmaya Dev Chauban training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"I am a professional tennis player and Matthieu was my fitness coach at the Ferrer Tennis Academy. We trained hard but as soon I reached the threshold, Matthieu was always under control and knew how to reduce the training load. I really like his approach as a coach and what is also important, he is a good person. It's nice and easy to talk to him. (@nikanovikova_tennis)"

Professional tennis player Nika Novikova training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthew was a great trainer at the Ferrer Tennis Academy. He was always attentive to our needs and worked very well with everyone. Personally, he helped me achieve my goals. I won several matches in professional tournaments and obtained a sports scholarship at one of the most prestigious universities in New York. The university I play for and where I am currently studying. 

Thank you Matthew."

Professional tennis player Luis Foix training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthew coached me when he was a strength coach at the Ferrer Tennis Academy. Train with him is really to surpass yourself but also to have a lot of fun. He knows what to do and prepares you really well, no matter if you are a top athlete or not!"

Professional tennis player Ruxandra Schech training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthieu is a good and very professional coach, someone who gives the motivation to train and always pays attention to make sure we are good technique on all our exercises. He respects the rest phases a lot, I learned a lot from him!"

Professional tennis player Jorge Gomez Garcia training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthieu was my fitness coach during my journey at the Ferrer Tennis Academy. Under his guidance I improved my physique a lot, because Matthieu is an expert and he knows everyone's needs. During my time with him, I became stronger and I became a man. I recommend to anyone who wants an organized program to develop any ability to talk with Matthieu to make your dreams come true!"

Tennis player Tomer Ozmo training on a tennis court.

ITF Pro circuit

"Matthew is a very good strength and conditioning coach. With his knowledge, he knows how to get people to reach their goals."

An image of Pablo Rodenas the physical trainer of Equelite.

Strength and conditioning coach of the Equelite Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy